StrengthsFinder & The “Well-Rounded” Lie



Above, I snapped a picture of my 3 year-old’s toy.  This toy has gotten a lot of “playtime” over the past couple of years.  At first, she would shake the whole thing.  The plastic shapes would rattle around inside the red and blue container.  She loved the clanging noise.   As she got older, the focus became […]

Character Attributes for Success (Part 9)

Just, Curious, & Courageous


Are you old enough to remember when cassette tapes were awesome?  Long before iTunes, iPhones, and iPods, these little pieces of plastic held all the power.  In fact, they had the power to change the world. We made mixtapes.  We recorded ourselves.  We even saved money to buy a Walkman, just so we could listen on the […]

Character Attributes for Success (Part 8)

Honest, Respectful, & Authoritative

“Most of us work in organizations, and organizations are obsessed with authority – Can he do that? – How come he didn’t ask me if he can do that? – Can I do that? – Who has the authority to do this? – Who has the authority to spend for this? – Give me a raise so I can tell […]

Character Attributes for Success (Part 6)

Organized, Loyal, & Humble


“Did he just step back?”  This was what Panthers’ fans were asking in unison on Sunday night.  Facebook, Twitter, and just about every other sports coverage medium responded the same way… sheer disbelief. The newly crowned 2015 MVP, Cam Newton, fumbled the ball.  That was bad, but it was his reaction that has everyone talking.  Instead of diving […]

Character Attributes for Success (Part 4)

Resolute, Sense of Humor, & Discplined


Is there anything better than a hot, gooey Marshmallow?  These white, puffy treats of goodness must come straight from Heaven.  Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they are totally AWESOME!   A Stanford professor, Walter Mischel, performed a simple test back in the 60’s using these delectable goodies.  He gave pre-school children a Marshmallow and then […]

Character Attributes for Success (Part 3)

Sincere, Servant, & Perseverant


“Wait… Ruby, that’s not a Fruit Loop.”  This is what I found myself saying to my 9 month old as she was trying to eat her high-chair buckle. There were Fruit Loops spread out on the table in front of her.  Lots of colorful, tasty, delicious Fruits Loops just inches away, but for some strange reason, she […]

Character Attributes for Success (Part 2)

Positive, Attentive, & Centered

Straight Line

HERE TO THERE.  It’s a concept we all understand.  “I’m here, but I want to be there.”  It’s universal.  It’s inspiring.  It’s progressive, and it’s seldom a straight line. Last week, my pastor began a series entitled, “It Starts With One.”  His message centered around goal setting.  He talked about goals:  how to define a goal, the process […]

Character Attributes For Success (Part 1)

Integrity, Gratitude, & Truth

Space Rocket

Improving your character is not rocket science.  Rocket science is complicated.  Character building is simple, but often more challenging.   The following attributes work together to shape, sharpen, and improve your character.  The virtues flow into one another.  One concept leads to the next, and they interlock to form a solid foundation.  This is the foundation for […]

27 Attributes of Personal Character

True Success Is Measured By More Than Money, Fame, and Power

fire hose

Have you ever heard someone say, “It was like drinking from a fire hose.”  This phrase refers to the force, and often the depth, behind a concept being presented.   Imagine literally trying to drink water from a fire hose.  It would be more than overwhelming.  It would be impossible.  The speed and force would […]

3 Quotes To Capture Success In 2016!

Mark Batterson simplifies the true meaning of personal success


“The book changed my life.  I read it and re-read.   Then I took my men’s small group through it.  The concept is powerful.  It’s really good!” This is what a respected mentor shared with me earlier this year.  He was talking about, The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson.  I had heard of the book, but […]

Character Is Priceless

No Character Equals Nothing Money Can't Buy

Can't Buy Me Everything

“I love the things money won’t buy…  See money bought me a really nice house, it won’t buy me  a home.  Money will buy me  a companion, but it won’t buy me a friend.  It will buy me a bed, won’t buy me a good night’s sleep.  It will buy me a good time, but […]

How To Say “NO” With Less Guilt

5 Steps to getting better at saying "No"


In the last post, I shared my struggle with saying “No”.  It’s tough.  I don’t want to say “No”.  I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.  I don’t want people to think I’m a jerk, or selfish, or cheap, or any other negative trait.   Ok, ok… I admit it.  I’m a recovering People Pleaser. […]